DDESSIN 17(Paris,France)

du 24 au 26 mars.2017
@Atelier Richelieu

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”TANABATA-origami 2017” 257 x182 x 20mm
-Acrylic gouache, colored pencil, wood panel

Works and lives in Hyogo, Japan.
The root of minchi’s work is Japanese contemporary Manga culture.
She has a fetish love for baby teeth,
accumulating them endlessly.
Couples, plants, insects, mushrooms are other totems often present in her artwork, both cruel and benevolent.
Graduated from Kyoto University Saga,majored in oil painting.

CGI short film “Mishimasaiko“ (with french director Aude Danset)

iwata mayuko

"Bonsoir torsades" SOLD!
180×250 mm /2016
-Ballpoint pen,special fluorescent paper

Works and lives in Nagoya, Japan.
Using ball point pen for the main lines and acrylic paint for the back ground.
Her delicate and magical work leads us in a maelstrom of ink and lines,
suggesting a body both elastic and stiff, tender and strict.
-”For the motifs, I just draw the inspiration at that moment.@
Today’s whirlpool and yesterday’s whirlpool may look the same,
but they are very distinct,like a different dance.”
Graduated from Japan Designer Academy of Fine Arts. (Tokyo, Japan)


"Goddess of opening the country(#1)"
400×330×10 mm /2017
-Pen, acrylic paint on Kent paper, wood panel

Works and lives in TokyoAJapan.
Her works are gentle and yet powerful, always contrasted. Painting dogs or other motifs representative of Japan, with pen and acrylic, her style is in between categories, using clear lines and appealing colors to expose us her unique fictional world.
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts,majored in Design.

Tokyo University of the Arts Degreeshow Award.2013


 " Un petit oiseau"(detail) SOLD!
250×800 mm /2017
 -Acrylic, crayon.

Works and lives in Osaka, Japan.
His pastel and flat drawings are funny to look at as they are
making fun of their own apparent futility.
His distorted vision of humanized animals and deviant humans are interrogating,
in all simplicity, the absurdity of our world. His works, images
but also self-published artist books,
ultimately show us the urgent necessity to clear one's mind with laughter and irony.
BFA Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology, Architecture and Design.

akomo’s dictionaryiHobonichi ITOI Shinbunj

This exhibition will be shared by five artists,
- four Japanese and one French.
will be creating a dialog
between humour and seriousness....

Artistes :
iwata mayuko
Thomas Jacquet

New Nuances of Japanese art;
The selection of the newest artists.
Influenced by Japanese traditional art
and also pop culture

Thomas Jacquet

”hello you” 200×00mm/2006 SOLD!
-Mixed Media

Works and lives in Marseille,France.
Eagle-eyed children, freaks, birds and other animals… With his surrealistic collages,
Thomas leads us in world were bodies navigate between several imageries,
never missing to provoke in us this sensation of unquiet, uncanny cuteness.

Artwork for Nolwenn Lero.

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