MAISON D'ART "Kobe art marche 2010 " @ Portpia Hotel

Artist's ...

Born in 1969 in France and graduated from Beaux Arts de Tourcoing section ceramique.
Since 1997 he has been creating the image of sex-toys. His newest series of "bear fetish "are made of 100% pure extra silicon! They look very cute and humorous.He is trying to reveal holy things in our lives to us.

*Mayuko MORITA
Graduated from Osaka City University. Studied at graduate school of Kyoto Institute of Technology.
Morita expresses niche-an' s world by combining pattern and landscape."niche-an" is her own original character likes staying in niche space. 2008, 2009,"niche-an" at "GALLERY MAISON D'ART".-Acrylic,oil on canvas,also video.

*Elisabeth FRERING
Born in 1955 in Argenteuil, France.She continues creating artwork in Allemagne and Strasbourg.
Exhibitions in France,Belgium,Holland,Germany… She expresses her original world in her delicate sketches by pencils and water colours. 2008,2009, exhibited Art FAIR SLICK (Paris) by "Galerie Espace G"(Strasbourg) and got a great reputation.
Cooperation:Galerie Espace G

*Sawako DAITO
Belongs to Kfoto. Permanent collection of Kiyosato Photo art museum in 1999. Solo exhibition: 2000 "MAISON D'ART Shukugawa", 2007"MAISON D'ART Paris,"2008 "Hanae Mori building(Tokyo)"
… In recent years the theme of her work is Japanese apple.Her color is born from just chemical reaction and natural phenomena.

*kiiman(Kimiko SAKATA)
Graduated from Seian College of Art and Design(Kyoto),Awarded encouragement prize .
Solo exhibition: 2003,2004,2005,2007,2008 at "GALERY MAISON D'ART", And 2005 at" pause cafe" (Paris). She had painted mainly dogs but her developping expression chose as the objects,"magnificent monsters"! Oil on canvas.

Born in 1983 in Osaka, Solo exhibitions: 2008 at "ART HOUSE"(Osaka), 2009 February at "galerie6c" (Hyogo), June at "GALLERY MAISON D'ART(Osaka) ", October at "MAISON D'ART PARIS"-about the exhibition ↓
Participated in Tokyo design festa vol.28,29,31. She has been creating something curious born from her imagination.- Drawings ,paintings , objets and installation.



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